Which services do you offer?


  • fit-out
  • interior + exterior decoration
  • design consultancy
  • team management 
  • wide network of contacts 
  • timeline management + critical path
  • services are available in english / arabic + french

Which materials do you work with?

Steel, Wood, Glass, Stone… and any other material you would like to use for your project. The kind of project determines where and what 5cinq will source and produce for you.

Where are you based?

5cinq is based in Doha, Qatar

How can I get in touch with 5cinq?

We are happy to hear from you via Phone/Whatsapp, Email or DM

Where can I see examples of your work?

You can find examples of our work all around Doha and the country.

Projects included private bespoke commission pieces as well as commercial projects for Doha Metro, HIA International Airport, M7 ( Creative Hub in Doha), fit out of commercial units, such as Cafe’s, Restaurants, Offices and many more.

Please have a look at our profile and contact us for further enquiries.

Can you also source materials internationally?

Yes, 5cinq has international contacts but chooses to support Qatar owned businesses and the local economy by sourcing materials and manufacturers in Qatar as much as possible.

Are you also available for projects outside of Qatar?

Yes, just send us your enquiry via Email / DM and we are happy to put a suitable team + timeline together for you.

Which information do you need from me before starting a project?

Ideally you would already have an idea of what you would like to do with the space in the form of pictures, drawings or inspirations as a starting point. 

We will then work together with you to make it into reality.

What are your terms + conditions?

5cinq will provide you with a Quote and a payment plan at the beginning of the project. A lot of work goes into samples and sourcing the right materials + manufacturers and in order to provide you with the best,the 5cinq service, a %-deposit will be required before starting the project.

Contact us about your project today.

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Why are you called “5cinq”?

‘During my childhood, the term ‘5cinq’ was our secret code to describe something as extraordinary, special, and the absolute best! At our company, we embody this ‘5cinq’ spirit by consistently delivering exceptional and top-notch service.’

Elfadili, CEO/Owner

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