Design and Planning of Projects

Once you have an idea for your space we help you to design and plan you project. You may choose to also hire 5cinq to execute and install the design.

Interior + Exterior Decoration

We are happy to build and install bespoke decorations as per your specifications.

Development of Construction Plans and Specifications

Once you have decided on your project and vision we can help you to develop plans and specifications, which communicate your design in technical terms to provide the base for the Fit-out Team to turn your vision into reality.

Management of Construction Projects

team management, timeline management + critical path. Materials Sourcing. Fit-out. Construction and building of….

Analysis and Design of Structures

helping to identify the space, measurements and design specifications. Assisting the client in the design process, choosing materials and suggesting construction finishes…

Fit-Out, including electrical works

Bespoke to the respective project 5cinq will choose the team and manage, oversee and exectute the fit-out of the space.

Design & Construction Consultancy

Our founder will provide individual advise on your project. With his extensive experience he will consult on the design, materials, timeline and project feasability.

This is an upon request service and charged on an hourly basis. Please contact us to arrange.

Get In Touch to See If We’re the Right Fit for Your Project

5cinq-while we work on many interior | exterior decoration and fit-out projects for creative businesses, we have an extensive national and international network of contacts and suppliers and are happy to hear from all of you who have ideas and projects.

Our Services:

  • fit-out
  • interior + exterior decoration
  • design + project consultancy
  • team management, timeline management + critical path

* services are available in english / arabic + french

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact us about your project today.

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Why are you called “5cinq”?

‘During my childhood, the term ‘5cinq’ was our secret code to describe something as extraordinary, special, and the absolute best! At our company, we embody this ‘5cinq’ spirit by consistently delivering exceptional and top-notch service.’

Elfadili, CEO/Owner

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